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In today’s competitive marketplace it’s imperative to provide superior customer service in order to retain members and EngageMore helps you do just that. When staff use the tool to engage the right member at the right time about the right subject matter the member feels more connected and thus happier with the service they are receiving. That engagement then creates a relationship between the member and the staff and fitness center.

As members scan into your fitness center, key information is sent to the EngageMore backend. In real time, the EngageMore user application will give your staff access to members' pictures, join dates, visit history, family make-up, the time of entry into the building, and other key bits of data. Staff can access this information through the use of a tablet computer or any other desktop computer.

In short, any system out there. To date we are working with: Daxko, Protivity, Unity, eFinesstri, CLASS, Active Net, and Trinexum. Additionally, we have done several custom integrations with private label systems.

In most cases a new partner can launch in 6-8 weeks. Once we receive a signed contract or MOU we work with your IT resource to nail down all the technical specifications. During that same time our trained Engagement Specialist will work with your EngageMore Champion (Wellness/Fitness Director) on how to roll out training and will train the Champion so they can successfully train their staff. Once the technical piece is complete staff can start engaging during the soft launch period where we can identify any potential hiccups- ie wifi issues, etc.

After each site’s EngageMore Champion has completed the one on one training with a dedicated Engagement Specialist they can introduce EngageMore to their staff. Most Champions roll out EngageMore during a staff meeting or they schedule small group meetings to explain how EngageMore will be used at their location.

Once staff is given their Username and Password they can access the online training videos located on the EngageMore website. Once those are viewed staff take a brief 10 question quiz and are granted access into the user application. As soon as the Champion gives them the green light they can start engaging right away!

EngageMore can be used anywhere at your location. Most frequently it’s used on the wellness/fitness floor however staff can use it before or after group exercise classes, in the pool area, at the front desk, etc. Remember it can be used on any desktop pc or tablet so the possibilities to engage is limitless. (That is unless the member is in the shower. Try not to engage with them there.)

Wow…this is where it’s get even more awesome.

  1. You can manage your staff’s performance by reviewing their logged engagements and can give them some additional coaching or just some good ole’ reward and recognition for doing a great job.
  2. You can use the word search feature to search the engagement database for specific key words. Want to boost personal training revenue? Type it in and hit search! List of potential new personal training clients will appear!
  3. Check out the Members feature where you can search for any member in the association and see their member profile and a complete history of all their engagements.
  4. Oh, did I mention you can track how many times a staff person has offered a program? Or better yet you can see how many members said they were interested in a specific program.

I can go on for days but just so you get the gist- the back end Director’s portal is loaded with reports, graphs, and super cool features. And yes- we will train you on how to best you this powerful tool even though it’s so user friendly you won’t need us.

We understand many out there have commitment issues so we wanted to tell you up front what you’re getting into. Typically a partner chooses either a 12 or 24 month term and also chooses how many locations in their association will be using EngageMore. While it’s not mandatory to sign up every site in the association it is recommended to start with at least half so you can see a full picture of how the software is performing. The leadership and staff are different at every location so we ask that you start with multiple sites. We offer this to our partners because we are confident that within months they decide to launch every site.

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