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What does EngageMore do exactly?

We help staff engage with the right member at the right time about the right subject matter.
Once members scan in and enter the fitness center they pop into the front end application - - we will refer to it as the member queue.

One of the many cool features of EngageMore is Members don’t pop in based on chronological scan time but in order of engagement priority. That way staff don’t have to figure out who they should focus on- we eliminate the guess work. New members and high risk members are always at the top of the member queue. Where members who come in very frequently can often be found at the bottom of the queue.

Additionally, we flag New and High Risk Members so staff can target those members and engage with them first.

Additionally, we place banners on Members who match current program offerings or Members who already have a wellness goal listed on their profile.

Once staff click the Member’s picture they access the Member’s Profile page. There they see important information like join date, age, visit history, and family members’ names and ages. They can also see the engagement history including any notes, wellness goals, prior conversations or observations and have the ability to update emails, nicknames, offer programs, etc.

Staff have the option to enter a note as either an ‘Observation’ or a ‘Conversation’. This is helpful in that we know there are times when a line of members is waiting outside a group exercise class waiting for the next class and a staff person can’t engage with each of them. Thus, they are able to tag these members as ‘Body Pump on Wed with Allison’ as an observation. This detail will be helpful for a future conversation with that member.

Setting a nick name allows the staff to call the Member by the preferred name every time they enter the fitness center- not just that day. Additionally, staff can update a Member’s email or email the Director their comments in real time.

Highlighted programs allow staff to offer the right program to the right member. Programs match the member’s profile, including family members. In this screen shot you see swimming lessons match Alexa’s profile based on her children’s ages.

Once the Member says their interested in that specific matching program the staff hit the ‘Interested’ button and the prompt asks them to confirm the Member’s email so it can send them information on that program.

Once the Member has been engaged with a check mark appears over their face so staff know they have already been engaged with that day. This is helpful in an environment when multiple staff maybe using EngageMore at the same time and that checkmark instantly appears on the other’s iPad or desktop.

Members stay in the Member queue for 75 minutes. After that time they are searchable for an additional 60 minutes using the search function. We do this so staff can focus on the members who are in the center now. Additionally, we don’t want your member queue bogging down with hundreds of members who may have already left the fitness center.

Helping your team EngageMore with Members isn’t the only awesome feature of this software. We have also created a back end reporting portal that allows you to manage team performance, access real time usage reports and charts, and query your engagement database so you can segment your membership by key word allowing you to offer specific programs based on their feedback. No more blanket marketing – now you have the power to target individuals and boost program all at the click of a button.

Welcome to your Director’s Portal!

Giving you a quick snapshot of today’s usage. As well as a quick view of the most recent engagements and usage leaderboard throughout the association.

This user friendly portal allows Directors (aka EngageMore Champions) to post alerts for their teams. Communications can include specific fitness center initiatives, EngageMore goals, or community related news. And did I mention it’s easy to post?

The portal gives you the power to search for Members at your branch or in the entire association.

Type in a few letters of the first or last name and hit search and it will return all the possible matches. Then you can sort by join date, last visit, last engaged, etc.

Find the Member you’re looking for?

You can also add manual engagements through the Member search function.

Select the type of engagement, the date, and the person responsible for the engagement. This is helpful when a staff person engages with a Member but didn’t log the detail on the member application side. This could be due to multiple reasons, the member had dropped off the queue window and the staff person didn’t search for them, or they couldn’t find them using the search function.

The Director can easily manage staff through the portal- accessing the Users tab. Adding staff, managing their access level, and the ability to see the date of their last engagement and login all at your fingertips.

Adding staff to the software is super easy. Simply, click on the blue ‘Add User’ button and you’re on the way.

Want to give someone Director Access so they can utilize the programs and reports? Select Director and they now have permission into the portal. With that option the Director can turn on the weekly automated reports EngageMore sends to your email every week.

The Weekly Usage reports sends you a quick snapshot of staff’s performance over the last week and provides you a quality ranking for their engagement detail.

The Weekly Rescue report does just that. It sends you a list of members who DO NOT COME IN. These are members who have recently joined but have very low gym attendance. This way you can reach out to those who don’t make it in to be engaged with.

Interested in boosting program revenue? We can help. Through the Director’s Portal you can select the Programs button on you’re able to add current program offerings which will automatically match to the membership database. On this Programs tab you can see how many times a specific program has been offered and how many times a member said they were interested.

Want to know how to add Program information? Hit the blue ‘Add Program’ button and fill in the required fields. Hit Save and You’re Finished! (Did I mention is was super easy?)

We also give you the option to do a program upload where you can add several programs at one time using an import function.

There's a built in“Promote” date where staff can enter the program prior to the start of the program.

On to the FUN stuff. In the Reports section you can access charts, graphs, and more data than you will know what to do with. No worries- we will train you on how to use this awesome data to make the best decisions for your organization.

You can select whatever timeframe you’re most interested in (day, week, month, custom etc). You can drill down by type of engagement or staff. The possibilities are endless.


Under the Reports tab there is a section dedicated to Usage reports. There you view all staff and their usage during the timeframe selected.

Columns are sortable so you can give your top engagers praise and recognition and further coaching to those under performing.

Additionally, you can click on the blue hyperlinked ‘Members Reached’ numbers to see a complete listing of those engagements.

Interested in a more global way to utilize the data? Also under the Reports tab you can select Association Usage and view every location within the same association.

One last tab to close the loop on what all these engagements do for your organization.

The Word Search tab allows you to search for specific key words in the engagement database. You can select where the keyword is (goal, notes, observation) and when it appeared. Then you receive a full list of applicable members’ engagements. You can view the member’s name, the date of the engagement, the actual engagement detail and the member’s phone and email so you can easily contact them. And you can most definitely export any list from EngageMore into Excel.

Sound good? It only gets better. Because we value our partner’s opinions we are always asking for your input so we can serve you better. So expect new roll outs and releases as we make the software even more awesome.

Go ahead and click….we’re ready!