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  • Our partnership with EngageMore - the tool and the team - has been transformative. No more do we have to 'guesstimate' at Y staff engagement, and no more do those engagements, even when outstanding, go into the atmosphere, lost to everyone but those involved directly in a conversation. Now, with EngageMore, we take those moments and truly leverage them on behalf of our members in ways that help each member reach her or his fullest potential. With the tool, and the support team that comes with it, we are able to help many more folks, transforming lives and serving as an asset of increasing value to the community.

    Mel Brennan, VP of Product Development, Y of Central Maryland
  • EngageMore is a fun, new addition to our Mililani YMCA. It's a great tool to help engage with new member and keep up with our current participants. Having the members photo with their name underneath is a huge help with member recognition and building a deeper connection.

    Jennifer Corley, Associate Healthy Lifestyle Director, YMCA of Honolulu
  • Engage More is a great tool ! This tool help my Wellness staff to create a greater and better relationship with our members with fitness goals and learning more about y values. I am very proud of this Engage More services. I strongly recommend to any organization.

    Alonzo J. Holder, Health and Wellness Director, West Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
  • The Engagemore App allows me to get to know our members more. I am able to track their fitness goals and progress better than before. The members also like to know their progress and accomplishments. My coworkers and I develop plans to help the members based on the information we add to Engagemore. I really like the app.

    Terry W., Wellness Staff, West Philladelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
  • My name is Angela Dozier and I represent West Philadelphia YMCA. My experience with engagemore has been phenomenal. This tool has allowed members and staff to collaborate and build relationships that ordinarily would not have taken place. Members are beginning to feel more comfortable with staff because we are able to identify with them more on a personal level. With this said, coaches are able to find out more about the lifestyles of each member which in turn assists us in helping them reach their goals. This tool is a way to break staff and members out of their shell and comfort zone. I would definitely say that engagemore is very beneficial and would recommend that we continue to use this tool as it grows leaps and bounds.

    Angie Dozier, Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, West Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
  • I am truly enjoying EngageMore. It keeps me in the "Know" with our members and allows me to have a more specific conversation with them. I'm finding out that our members appreciate knowing that we are interested in their success here at the gym. They are delighted to know that we are actively working to help them experience, as most have been saying, "Overall Good Health" and that our programs are developed with their personal fitness goals in mind. When I open the Wellness Center at 6:00 am and see shivering members waiting to get their workout on, I call them my "Morning Cup of Coffee". Then as others make their way into the gym all sleepy-eyed, but committed to their cause, I can give them a BIG SMILE and a personalized "Good Morning", thanks to EngageMore. I just received a thank you for such a welcoming greeting from Kenny, he said I surprised him greatly with my big smile and good morning. Then, I got a big smile out of him when I called him by name. Kenny said I made his day.

    Valerie Roach, Christian Street - Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
  • I have literally watched my staff become more engaged with our members thanks to EngageMore.

    Jay Parker, Executive Director, YMCA of Central Virginia
  • EngageMore is the only tool I have seen that can realistically help YMCA’s better meet their members goals, hold staff accountable, and increase engagement. This is powerful!

    Laurie Ellis, VP of YMCA Support and Development for SEER

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